Moving FAQ - Ask us anything

What is flat rate pricing?

Instead of charging an uncertainty-filled hourly rate, our flat rate gives you a real price upfront. Our pricing is custom-made for your move and avoids any backend fees and surprise costs, including all labor and travel expenses like fuel costs, tolls and van depreciation. Camvan has a 99.6% price accuracy, guaranteeing that the estimate you get during your free consultation will be the final price of your move.

How much do movers cost?

Your price will be based on your inventory, the distance you are traveling and the complexity of the move. Factors such as furniture size, number of large items and level of fragility all play roles in determining your move’s cost. The estimate your Relocation Consultant gives you will be the final price as long as your inventory stays the same. In case your inventory changes, the rate will be adjusted upfront — making sure there aren’t any hidden fees.

How many hours are included in the flat rate?

We do not operate on an hourly pricing, offering instead an all-inclusive flat rate tailored for your move. Aware that moving can be unpredictable, Camvan chooses to focus on efficiency rather than time constraints.

Do you offer coverage for my items?

Camvan offers several options of loss and damage coverage for your shipment. We are covered fully with public liability and goods in transit insurance.

Can I ship jewellery and important documents along with other items?

No. It’s best to keep jewellery, documents and other personal items with you at all times.

Are there any items you can not move?

Yes. We will not move firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals and pets.

I have damaged items. Who can I call?

We apologize for any damages that may have happened during your move. Please call our Claims Department at 07507363350 or email

What happens if you get a parking ticket during my move?

Camvan will take care of it and you won’t be charged.

Can the movers arrange the furniture in my new home?

Absolutely. We also offer custom floor plan services with furniture placement upon delivery.

How does customs clearance and documentation work?

Once you book the move, Camvan will send the necessary forms (Customs, Regulations, Insurance, Declaration Forms and Things You Need to Know) that need to be completed. If there are any questions on how to fill the forms, Camvan is available to provide guidance.

How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?

The duration of delivery depends on the type of shipping you choose — sea, land or air.

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